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The Film Novelist

The Film Novelist Author : Dennis J. Packard
Release : 2011-09-08
Publisher : A&C Black
ISBN : 1441103171
File Size : 77.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The book outlines a program for writing filmable novels.

The Film Novelist

The Film Novelist Author : Dennis Jay Packard
Release : 2005-02
Publisher : Brigham Young University Press
ISBN : 9780842526081
File Size : 63.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A book about the history, theory, and techniques of writing short, filmable novels -- film novels.

Novels Into Film

Novels Into Film Author : George Bluestone
Release : 1971
Publisher : Univ of California Press
File Size : 77.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Nickel was for the Movies

The Nickel was for the Movies Author : Gavriel Moses
Release : 1995
Publisher : Univ of California Press
ISBN : 9780520079441
File Size : 38.64 MB
Format : PDF
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The cinephobic novelist who complains to Fitzgerald's tycoon that he will never get the hang of scriptwriting probably wouldn't give a nickel for the movies. Yet with the invention of film, human perception was engaged in a more all-encompassing way than it ever had been by a single art form. In this ambitious investigation of a previously undefined narrative genre, Gavriel Moses exposes and explores the film novel, a literary text in which cinema provides the thematic, formal, psychological, and philosophical center. Through close readings of works by the major representatives of the genre - Pirandello, Nabokov, Isherwood, West, Fitzgerald, Moravia, Percy, and Puig - Moses develops a persuasive theory to account for the novels that exploit the central role film has acquired in human experience.

Touching God

Touching God Author : Beth Kathryn Curran
Release : 2006
Publisher : Peter Lang
ISBN : 9780820478265
File Size : 81.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Original Scholarly Monograph

The Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film

The Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film Author : John C. Tibbetts
Release : 1998-01
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780816033171
File Size : 38.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 918
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Contains entries for three hundred films, providing the date of release, the production company, and the director and screenwriter, and discusses the plot.

Novels Into Film

Novels Into Film Author : John C. Tibbetts
Release : 1999
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780816039616
File Size : 72.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Spanning comedy, drama, film noir, science fiction, westerns, action adventure, suspense and children's literature, this book offers a detailed survey of adaptations of film adaptations of novels.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Author : David Kelley
Release : 2014-09-06
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781941307137
File Size : 37.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is one of the great American novels of the twentieth century. Published in 1957, it continues to sell hundreds of thousands of copies per year. It has inspired millions of readers with its themes of independence and achievement. Its call for freedom has helped create a vibrant movement to promote economic and personal liberty. And it has finally been adapted as a film trilogy.If you love the novel and want to reenter the world Rand created, to appreciate her literary craft, to relive the drama, to enjoy once again the company of the characters, or to study the ideas, this book is for you. If you have seen the films and are reading the novel for the first time, this book is for you, too. It contains expert analysis of the themes and philosophy, the most complete list of characters, and exclusive material on the films.

McCarthy and the Coens: The Novel versus the Film No Country for Old Men: The Moral Framework of the Novel and the Film

McCarthy and the Coens: The Novel versus the Film No Country for Old Men: The Moral Framework of the Novel and the Film Author : Inese Vicaka
Release : 2014-02-01
Publisher : Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)
ISBN : 3954896664
File Size : 39.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book offers an original perspective on the narrative in the film and the novel No Country for Old Men, it also gives a good account on the issue of fidelity that plays an important role in the analysis of the relationship between the film adaptation and its source text, observing whether the Coens have not eradicated the novel’s complex and allegorical essence. The narrative analysis in the book as well involves an observation of the narrator’s point-of-view and its reliability. Besides, the book undeniably proves that the relation of narrative time and narrative space is vital in the comparison of the film adapatation and its source text. The contents of the book may serve as a valuable source for aspiring students and researchers in the area of literary and film studies.

Elinor Glyn as Novelist, Moviemaker, Glamour Icon and Businesswoman

Elinor Glyn as Novelist, Moviemaker, Glamour Icon and Businesswoman Author : Vincent L. Barnett
Release : 2016-04-29
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1317145151
File Size : 79.78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 568
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The first full-length study of the authorial and cross-media practices of the English novelist Elinor Glyn (1864-1943), Elinor Glyn as Novelist, Moviemaker, Glamour Icon and Businesswoman examines Glyn’s work as a novelist in the United Kingdom followed by her success in Hollywood where she adapted her popular romantic novels into films. Making extensive use of newly available archival materials, Vincent L. Barnett and Alexis Weedon explore Glyn’s experiences from multiple perspectives, including the artistic, legal and financial aspects of the adaptation process. At the same time, they document Glyn’s personal and professional relationships with a number of prominent individuals in the Hollywood studio system, including Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg. The authors contextualize Glyn’s involvement in scenario-writing in relationship to other novelists in Hollywood, such as Edgar Wallace and Arnold Bennett, and also show how Glyn worked across Europe and America to transform her stories into other forms of media such as plays and movies. Providing a new perspective from which to understand the historical development of both British and American media industries in the first half of the twentieth century, this book will appeal to historians working in the fields of cultural and film studies, publishing and business history.

Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations

Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations Author : Mary H. Snyder
Release : 2011-01-20
Publisher : A&C Black
ISBN : 1441168184
File Size : 52.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"This is a wise and wonderful book, which among other things provides a novelist's eloquent insider's perspective on the transformation of one of her books into a film. Thirty years ago Stanley Cavell published The World Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Film, which opened up an intellectual highway between philosophy and cinema. Now at long last Mary Snyder's book accomplishes a parallel clearing of the way between film making, the art of the novel, and literary and critical theory Every page is bubbling with creative, theoretical, and pedagogical insights. Her intertextual readings of a score of literature-to-film adaptations are priceless in themselves. I only wish that the title of the book had been taken from her chapter, `The Fascination Never Ends'." Michael Payne, Professor of English Emeritus, Bucknell University Critical questions specific to film adaptations need to be not only developed but established. These questions, or approaches, must be accessible to students, including those students who are not yet educationally sophisticated enough to digest purely theoretical material. Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations: A Novelist's Exploration and Guide demonstrates an exploration into film adaptation from a novelist's perspective, comprising a study of literary creation as well as the process/product of adaptation and moving into the author's collaboration with a screenwriter, which ultimately becomes a journey to understand and identify the implications of literature-to-film adaptation and the complexities and problems it raises. Drawing from both classic and contemporary film adaptations (Frankenstein, The Hours, The Constant Gardener, Children of Men, The Lovely Bones, Away from Her), the book puts forth an understanding of film and film analysis, as well as addresses literary analysis. The crux of the book, however, lies in its introduction to an academic means for critical analysis of film adaptations.

Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate

Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate Author : Kamilla Elliott
Release : 2003-08-07
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9780521818445
File Size : 39.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 512
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Sample Text

They Live

They Live Author : Jonathan Lethem
Release : 2010-10-10
Publisher : Catapult
ISBN : 159376393X
File Size : 34.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 312
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“One of the cleverest, most accessibly in-depth film books released this year . . . a smart-ass novelist exploring a cheesy-cheeky ‘80s sci-fi flick” (Hartford Advocate). Deep Focus is a series of film books with a fresh approach. Take the smartest, liveliest writers in contemporary letters and let them loose on the most vital and popular corners of cinema history: midnight movies, the New Hollywood of the sixties and seventies, film noir, screwball comedies, international cult classics, and more . . . Kicking off the series is Jonathan Lethem’s take on They Live, John Carpenter’s 1988 classic amalgam of deliberate B-movie, sci-fi, horror, anti-Yuppie agitprop. Lethem exfoliates Carpenter’s paranoid satire in a series of penetrating, free-associational forays into the context of a story that peels the human masks off the ghoulish overlords of capitalism. Taking into consideration classic Hollywood cinema and science fiction—as well as popular music and contemporary art and theory—They Live provides a wholly original perspective on Carpenter’s subversive classic. “A fun read, packed with references to other films, literature and artists . . . one of the few books one would enjoy reading while watching a movie.” —USA Today’s Pop Candy “Apparently, author Lethem was the only other person than me to take They Live as brilliant, stinging social commentary. He explains why in this great book.” —California Literary Review “Novelist and occasional critic Jonathan Lethem pulls apart the threads of John Carpenter’s 1988 science fiction film of the same title, to entertaining and illuminating effect.” —The New York Times Book Review

The American West on Film

The American West on Film Author : Johnny D. Boggs
Release : 2019-11-30
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
ISBN : 1440866775
File Size : 42.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 928
Read : 849

More than a history of Western movies, The American West on Film intertwines film history, the history of the American West, and American social history into one unique volume. • Offers an insider's look at the making of popular and classic motion pictures about America's westward expansion • Analyzes what Western movies often got wrong about the history of the American West and what it sometimes got right • Shows how movies reflect the period in which they were made

The Writer on Film

The Writer on Film Author : J. Buchanan
Release : 2013-06-03
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 113731723X
File Size : 20.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 811
Read : 646

Examining films about writers and acts of writing, The Writer on Film brilliantly refreshes some of the well-worn 'adaptation' debates by inviting film and literature to engage with each other trenchantly and anew – through acts of explicit configuration not adaptation.

From Page To Screen

From Page To Screen Author : Erica Sheen
Release : 2000-05-05
Publisher : Manchester University Press
ISBN : 9780719052316
File Size : 38.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 874
Read : 639

This book critically examines the long established tradition of adapting classic novels to film or TV screen, encompassing novelists from Jane Austen to Michael Ondaatje. The early cinema ransacked literature for stories suitable for retelling in moving pictures, and as the art of the cinema matured, and cinematography, music, special effects and sound were improved, the art of dramatization began to produce high quality versions of respected novels. The authors in this book analyze a wide variety of literary dramatizations.

Prater Violet

Prater Violet Author : Christopher Isherwood
Release : 2013-11-19
Publisher : North Point Press
ISBN : 146685328X
File Size : 87.79 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 479
Read : 537

Prater Violet concerns the filming of an unashamedly romantic and commercial musical about old Vienna. It is a stinging satirical novel about the film industry, trifling studio feuds, and the fatuous movie Prater Violet, which, ironically, counterpoints the tragic events on the world stage as Hitler's lengthening shadow falls over the real Vienna of the thirties. At its center are vivid portraits of the mocking genius Friedrich Bergmann, the imperious, dazzlingly witty Austrian director, and his disciple, a genial young screenwriter-the fictionalized Christopher Isherwood. When it first appeared in 1945, Prater Violet caused a fury of critical speculation and acclaim. Edmund Wilson called it "a deliberate historical parable," and Diana Trilling's Nation review said, "Prater Violet is the most charming novel I have read in a long time... It is a book written in the author's own person, yet utterly without ego; it is a novel about movie writers which is yet a novel about the life of every serious artist; it is a book without a political moral, but a profound moral-political statement; it is gay, witty, sophisticated, but wholly responsible.

American Movie

American Movie Author : Penelope Brindley
Release : 2018-12-11
Publisher : Archway Publishing
ISBN : 1480870900
File Size : 67.84 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 946
Read : 266

A famous film director, a cinematographer, an artist, and a novelist team up to make a movie in which the world, called Medialennium, is controlled not by governments but by media conglomerates. Mergers have created economic totalitarianism. Nation states are obsolete, and politics is symbolic ritual. The movie producers are also the actors. Their roles are made up of their real-life relationships, and the movie includes both script and documentary sequences. In the movie, an incumbent governor is running against a Chicano whose platform includes the secession of California to join Mexico, and shooting the movie in LA creates an alchemy that turns into a psychological and political thriller.

How to Read a Film

How to Read a Film Author : James Monaco
Release : 1977
Publisher : New York : Oxford University Press
File Size : 27.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 732
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