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The Form of Music

The Form of Music Author : William Cole
Release : 1997
Publisher : Associated Board of the Royal School
ISBN : 9781860960277
File Size : 48.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A concise guide to musical structures of the tonal era. The text is illustrated with many music examples providing an ideal introduction for music students and performers. It is also invaluable for higher grade practical exams, as it provides key background information on the final aural test, and for higher grade Practical Musicianship.

A Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music

A Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music Author : Peter Spencer
Release : 1994-07-01
Publisher : Waveland Press
ISBN : 1478610352
File Size : 45.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Learning musics organizing principles . . . Approaching the study of form as an exercise in perceiving the interaction of a number of discrete musical events, Spencer and Temkos book embodies much more than a search for visual clues. Students of form develop perceptual tools that allow them to proceed from the aural experience to an understanding of the arch-principles upon which music is organized. The authors hold that the organizing principles of a given piece of music may be gleaned from studying the internal attributes that give a section its specific identity, the functional relations between sections, and the ordering of those sections.

Musical Form and Musical Performance

Musical Form and Musical Performance Author : Edward T. Cone
Release : 1968
Publisher : W W Norton & Company Incorporated
ISBN : 9780393097672
File Size : 42.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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3 essays on musical form and performance

Lessons in Music Form

Lessons in Music Form Author : Percy Goetschius
Release : 1968
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781603035903
File Size : 79.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Forms of Music

The Forms of Music Author : Donald Francis Tovey
Release : 2008-11
Publisher : Yoakum Press
ISBN : 1443721506
File Size : 44.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Donald Francis Tovey Born in 1 875, Donald Francis Tovey was a British musicologist and composer. He took classical honors with his B. A. at Ox ford in 1898, and became a pianist of the first rank, though he never sought a virtuoso career. From 1914 to 1940 he was Reid Professor of Music at Edinburgh University. He died in 1 940. His other books include Normality and Freedom in Music, The Main Stream of Music, A Musician Talks, Essays in Musical Analysis, and Beethoven. ivx Meridian Books edition first published October 1956 First printing September 1956 Second printing June 1957 Third printing July 1958 Fourth printing April 1959 Fifth printing December 1959 Reprinted by arrangement with Oxford University Press Originally published 1944 as Musical Articles from the Encyclopaedia Britannica Library of Congress catalog card number 56-10015 Manufactured in the United States of America EDITORIAL PREFACE THE desire to set down upon paper a comprehensive system of musical education was present in the mind of Donald Tovey for the greater part of his life. In 1896, when he was 21, he wrote in a letter to a friend that he had begun a great work quot on the means of Expression in Music quot If ever I finish the thing, into print it shall go. Thirty years later, he was talking about a series of four text-books on music. But into print neither the one scheme nor the other went the final expression of his ideas on music was never written. It never could be written, because it was never final in the mind of that incessant discoverer in music. Nor was his method of writing that of finality. The nearest point to finality which Tovey ever reached in his expression of a formal philosophy in music is tobe found in the articles on technique and aesthetics of music as he called them himself in the list of his writings supplied to Who s Who which he contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Those articles, written from 1906 onwards for the eleventh edition of the Ency clopaedia, and revised again, almost rewritten, for the fourteenth edition in 1929, were necessarily cast in the imposed form of treatises under word-headings. Yet they coalesce very firmly into a clear and coherent testament, almost into a text-book of the art of music in its widest meaning. Like the Glossary to the Essays in Musical Analysis, the entries are unconnected, the whole comprehensive, and while not attempting completeness, afford the reader a wider range of musical thought and a fuller discussion of technical problems than most of the exhaustive and laborious theses now available. Tovey himself set great store by these articles. They formed for him the basis of his teaching at the University of Edinburgh. They are the background to those fuller considerations of musical compositions which are his Essays in Musical Analysis. It was his own proposal that these articles should be gathered together into one volume, an idea expressed to me as long ago as 1926. Means were then taken towards the end of publishing, and it was agreed that Tovey should in his own time make any alterations or correc tions necessary for the new method of presentation. But many other fresh and no doubt more important ideas and schemes came bubbling up into that wonderfully fertile brain, and nothing was done about the book of musical articles. I say more important because, though he was in life so fully occupied, it has now been foundpossible to publish these articles after the author s death. This book contains all the articles which Tovey wrote for the VI EDITORIAL PREFACE Encyclopaedia Britannica, as they now appear there, with the exception of one on Modern Music and the biographies. The book was set up from printed slips, and thus follows the text finally approved and corrected by the author. The very long musical examples are printed in full...

Musical Form, Forms & Formenlehre

Musical Form, Forms & Formenlehre Author : William E. Caplin
Release : 2010
Publisher : Leuven University Press
ISBN : 9058678229
File Size : 32.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The tone of the debates among Caplin, Hepokoski, and Webster (in the form of comments on each author''s essay and then responses to the comments), though tactful, is obliquely blunt and tendentious; like the best of tennis pros, each author strives to serve an ace and defends the net against a passing shot (with Caplin, the ace is for formal function; with Hepokoski for Sonata Theory and dialogic form; with Webster for multivalent analysis). But we can trust that this provocative exchange will thoroughly invigorate discussions about classical form and encourage diverse approaches to its analys.

Form in Music

Form in Music Author : Wallace Berry
Release : 1986
Publisher : Prentice Hall
File Size : 46.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Designed for those who have a background in basic music theory and music history, this volume approaches the study of musical coherence (logic and development) through the systematic investigation of traditional forms of tonal music and of principles of form, structure, and process.

Form As Harmony in Rock Music

Form As Harmony in Rock Music Author : Drew Nobile
Release : 2020-05-12
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN : 0190948353
File Size : 88.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 895
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Overturning the inherited belief that popular music is unrefined, Form as Harmony in Rock Music brings the process-based approach of classical theorists to popular music scholarship. Author Drew Nobile offers the first comprehensive theory of form for 1960s, 70s, and 80s classic rock repertoire, showing how songs in this genre are not simply a series of discrete elements, but rather exhibit cohesive formal-harmonic structures across their entire timespan. Though many elements contribute to the cohesion of a song, the rock music of these decades is built around a fundamentally harmonic backdrop, giving rise to distinct types of verses, choruses, and bridges. Nobile's rigorous but readable theoretical analysis demonstrates how artists from Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder to Madonna consistently turn to the same compositional structures throughout rock's various genres and decades, unifying them under a single musical style. Using over 200 transcriptions, graphs, and form charts, Form as Harmony in Rock Music advocates a structural approach to rock analysis, revealing essential features of this style that would otherwise remain below our conscious awareness.

Basic Forms in Music

Basic Forms in Music Author : Charles W. Walton
Release : 2005-05-03
Publisher : Alfred Music
ISBN : 9781457408229
File Size : 65.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Musical forms are illustrated through representative literature of all periods. Includes complete examples as well as suggestions for further listening and analytical experiences.

Form in Tonal Music

Form in Tonal Music Author : Douglass Marshall Green
Release : 1979
Publisher : Cengage Learning
File Size : 30.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Like many texts on musical analysis, FORMS IN TONAL MUSIC equips students to critically examine a wide range of compositions and forms. However, Green's text takes students a step further by enabling them to approach musical works unencumbered by preconceived notions of what characteristics the text should or should not have. Providing specific help on every aspect of musical analysis, this text uses many of the compositions found in Charles Burkhart's ANTHOLOGY FOR MUSICAL ANALYSIS, but it allows students the freedom to explore works that they already own.

The Analysis of Musical Form

The Analysis of Musical Form Author : James Mathes
Release : 2007
Publisher : Prentice Hall
ISBN : 9780130618634
File Size : 89.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 140
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'The Analysis of Musical Form' emphasizes aural comprehension, incorporates recent analytic methodologies, and addresses musical form as both process and design. James Mathes wrote this book due to a lack of textbooks written in the past dozen years on musical form.The relatively few texts on the market do not address recent scholarship or methodology, do not address phrase rhythm and formal processes in a systematic or thorough manner, and omit discussion of vocal forms and developments in post-tonal music of the 20th century. There is also a lack of emphasis on aural comprehension of musical forms. Separate chapters on vocal forms and 20th-century music, inclusion of recent developments in analytic methodology with suggested readings, and aural exercises.

Musical Structure and Design

Musical Structure and Design Author : Cedric Thorpe Davie
Release : 1966
Publisher : Courier Corporation
ISBN : 0486216292
File Size : 90.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Clear, elementary explanation of basic forms, Renaissance to 1900, with many works analyzed. Nature and function of concerto, sonata, etc., clarified with nonmusical analogies; illustrated in detailed analysis of specific piece of music.

Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven

Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven Author : A. B. Marx
Release : 1997-12-04
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9780521452748
File Size : 76.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 821
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A selection of the writings of A. B. Marx, one of the most important German music theorists of his time.

Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons

Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons Author : Igor Stravinsky
Release : 1947
Publisher : Harvard University Press
ISBN : 9780674678569
File Size : 36.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 414
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The distinguished composer discusses the phenomenon of music, its composition and performance, music typology, and the avatars of Russian music

Musical Form and Analysis

Musical Form and Analysis Author : Glenn Spring
Release : 2013-08-29
Publisher : Waveland Press
ISBN : 1478611731
File Size : 24.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 854
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Understanding the way music unfolds to the listener is a major key for unlocking the secrets of the composer’s art. Musical Form and Analysis, highly regarded and widely used for two decades, provides a balanced theoretical and philosophical approach that helps upper-level undergraduate music majors understand the structures and constructions of major musical forms. Spring and Hutcheson present all of the standard topics expected in such a text, but their approach offers a unique conceptual thrust that takes readers beyond mere analytical terminology and facts. Evocative rather than encyclopedic, the text is organized around three elements at work at all levels of music: time, pattern, and proportion. Well-chosen examples and direct, well-crafted assignments reinforce techniques. A 140-page anthology of music for in-depth analysis provides a wide range of carefully selected works.

Is Language a Music?

Is Language a Music? Author : INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS
Release : 2005
Publisher : Indiana University Press
ISBN : 9780253343833
File Size : 51.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If music is a universal language, is language a universal music?

A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals

A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals Author : William Duckworth
Release : 2009-01-13
Publisher : Cengage Learning
ISBN : 0495572209
File Size : 65.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 938
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Internationally renowned composer William Duckworth explores the fundamentals of music in this creative, reader-friendly text that takes differing student abilities into consideration. CREATIVE APPROACH TO MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS (WITH KEYBOARD AND GUITAR INSERT), 10E covers music fundamentals in 14 concise chapters and 11 enrichment appendices, offering extended coverage for professors or students who desire further instruction. In addition, the text comes with an access card to Music Fundamentals in Action, a free interactive online tutorial that provides students with personalized study plans and podcasts from the author. Duckworth focuses on developing student skills by offering written and aural exercises, not only helping them to learn the basics, but also giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge in realistic music situations. The Music in Action boxes present opportunities for students to create music while learning the fundamentals of rhythm, melody, scales, intervals and triads. Market-leading CREATIVE APPROACH TO MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS (WITH KEYBOARD AND GUITAR INSERT), 10E offers clear and comprehensive coverage of all major topics for a fundamental music course. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Anthology of Musical Forms - Structure & Style (Expanded Edition)

Anthology of Musical Forms - Structure & Style (Expanded Edition) Author : Leon Stein
Release : 1999-11-27
Publisher : Alfred Music
ISBN : 9781457400940
File Size : 52.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Structure and Style, first published in 1962 and expanded in 1979, fills the need for new ways of analysis that put 20th-century music in perspective. It spans forms in use before 1600 through forms and techniques in use today. Anthology of Musical Forms provides musical examples of forms treated in Structure and Style. Some examples are analyzed throughout. Most are left for the student to analyze. These books reflect Leon Stein's impressive background as student, musician, and composer. Stein studied composition with Leo Sowerby, Frederick Stock (conductor of the Chicago Symphony) and orchestration with Eric DeLamarter, his assistant. He earned M. Mus and Ph.D degrees at DePaul University and was associated with its School of Music as director of the Graduate Division and chairman of the Department of Theory and Composition until his retirement in 1976. He has composed a wide variety of works, including compositions for orchestra, chamber combinations, two operas, and a violin concerto.